Elcowire Group

Elcowire Group is the largest manufacturer of copper wire rod in the Nordic region and one of the leading players in Europe. Operations are located in Sweden, Germany and China. The largest unit – Elektrokoppar in Helsingborg, Sweden – produces about 130,000 tons of copper wire rod annually. 

The copper wire rod is refined and processed to form drawn wire power, telecom and installation cables, profiles for land and submarine cables, commutators for electric engines and contact wire and other products used in electric powered railways.


Managing Director

Paul Gustavsson


Elcowire Group
Elektrogatan 20
Box 914, SE-251 09 Helsingborg, Sweden
Tel +46 42 19 53 00

Production Units

AB Elektrokoppar (Sweden)
Isodraht GmbH (Germany)
Liljedahl Wire (Taicang) Co Ltd (China)

Product Areas

Wire rod, Profiles, Wire and Cable