Hörle Wire Group

Hörle Wire Group manufactures and refines low and high-carbon wire for the manufacturing industry. The products are used in such areas as shop and kitchen fittings, power transmissions, vehicles and construction as well as in furniture.

Hörle Wire Group is the market leader in bright wire and flat-rolled wire in the Nordic region, and is among the top five in Europe in armouring wire for land and submarine cables and fine wire.


Managing Director

Jesper Bundgaard


Hörle Wire Group AB
Hörle1, Box 546
SE-331 25 Värnamo, Sweden
Tel: +46 370 204 00

Production Units

Hörle Wire AB (Sweden) 
Hörle Wire s.r.o. (Slovakia) 
Huesecken GmbH (Germany)

Product Areas

Bright, Flat-rolled wire Fine Wire, Armouring wire and Baling wire.